Juicy Noise Records PRESENTS -  Time Has No Noises Compilation


"Time Has No Noises" is a special double CD. Juicy Noise Records is since 2 years on the Psychedelic & Progressive Trance market to give people around there a good feeling & happieness with music from artists around the world. This double CD contains 20 tracks. All tracks are new. Tracks from known artists and tracks from artists which are joined our family in the last months. They have their tribute on this Compilation. 



CD 1:

1. Alien Energy - Shine On (Original Mix)

2. Awaken - Visuals (Original Mix)

3. Spiritualis - Eternal Dance (Original Mix)

4. OxyFlux - The Secret to Enlightenment (Original Mix)

5. Shivalayam - Amulance (Original Mix)

6. Vimana Shastra - Alien Psychosis (Original Mix)

7. Lenfred - Massiv Dimension (Original Mix)

8. Manjushri - Federation Of Light (Original Mix)

9. Parsec & Eszx - Wonderland (Original Mix)

10. Psycz - Vortex (Original Mix)


CD 2:

1. Lick N Flip - Human Experience (Original Mix)

2. Progmatixx - Individual (Original Mix)

3. EDI - Ancient Times (Original Mix)

4. Vortex7 & Audiomethod - Space Craft (Original Mix)

5. Virtual Objects - Secret Place (Original Mix)

6. Cosmic Code - Noise (Original Mix)

7. MIDImotion - Venkman (Original Mix)

8. Estec - Wild Dreams (Original Mix)

9. LocalEye - The Fellowship (Original Mix)

10. Deflow - Psychedelic Future (Original Mix)



Catalognumber: JNRCOMP0012-2016  [Special Birthday Compilation]

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download Stores

Artist: Various Artists

Style: Psychdelic Trance + Progressive Trance 

Tracks: 20

Compiled by: Krachen

Mastered by: Vimana Shastra

Cover by: KrachenArt

Release: 30.09.2016