The Forgotten Ones -Compiled by H Van Heavy


This is the first release from Jucy Noise Records on Ektoplazm. This Compilation show some of the best tracks which Juicy Noise Records has released in the past. Juicy Noise Records is a upcoming Label with their homebase in Berlin/Germany. The heads of the label Krachen, Vimana Shastra and Synergic presents you this best of compilation compiled by H Van Heavy. The music range is mostly psytrance with some elements of progressive and goa vibes, from artists around the world, who has their own vision of modern psychedelic trance music. Every track tells a story and has a feeling of his own beauty. The deep Hypnotic notes contain one's spirit, body and soul. Complex music that will make you dream and lose yourself in ecstatic dance. Mastered by Vimana Shastra


1. Psycz - Juicy (147 BPM)

2. Monothome - Acid Rave (138 BPM)

3. EDI - Brainwaves (145 BPM))

4. Contrix - The Forgotten Ones (145 BPM)

5. Shivalayam - Blank Blink (146 BPM)

6. Sixsense - Divinity (147 BPM) 

7. Krachen - Mind Explorer [Psycz Remix] (147 BPM) 

8. Vimana Shastra - Aliens On More Acid [Sequel Mix] (145 BPM)

9. Synergic - Circus Madness (144 BPM)

10. Rudraavtra - Past & The Future (145 BPM)

11. Parsec - Power Rangers Theme (145 BPM)

12. Psygonix - Psygonix (145 BPM)

13. ProTonix - Persian Snake (136 BPM)

14. SaGaV - Nothing Like Metallica (145 BPM)

15. Vimana Shastra - A.O.A. (145 BPM)

16. Krachen & Systematic - Plasma [Ultron Remix] (138 BPM)

17. Kebun - Modusphere (146 BPM)

18. DYNANiK - Hunter S. (148 BPM)

19. Alien Dynamics - Alien Dynamo (145 BPM)

20. Shivalayam - Hexagram (147 BPM)

21. Vimana Shastra & Tripuva Vimanas - Quantum Levitation (146 BPM)


Mastering by Vimana Shastra


CoverArtwork: KrachenArt


Compiled by H Van Heavy / /Netherlands


Licensed under the Creative Commons for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release!



Catalognumber: JNRCOMP005-2015

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download Stores

Artist: Various Artists

Style: Psychedelic Trance + Progressive Trance

Tracks: 21



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