Lick N Flip presents an album full with a range of psychedelic music elements and progressive trance vibes,with his own vision of psychedelic trance music. 




1. Trance N Dance (Original Mix)

2. Beyond Space N Time (Original Mix)

3. Think New (Original Mix)

4. Music Changes Mind (Original Mix)

5. &Vimana Shastra - Shastra N Flip (Original Mix)

6. Enlightenment (Original Mix)

7. Leads of Journey (Original Mix)

8. Human Experience (Original Mix)

9. Flipatucada (Original Mix)

Lick N Flip - Enlightenment LP


Catalognumber: JNR084-2016

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download

Audio: MP3/WAV

Artist: Lick N Flip

Style: Progressive Trance

Tracks: 9

Release: 17.10.2016