History of Gaia Vol. I 


In the beginning there was chaos, vast and dark space; then appeared Gaia, the deep breasted earth.

She was the creater of everything. She was the giver of birth to earth and all universe. 

History of Gaia is the first physical release from Jucy Noise Records. This compilation represents 

the width range from the different label artists and has been carefully selected by Torgen Eismann who

is also member of the projects Synergic & Virtual Objects. The sound is open minded with a focus on the 

creativity and storytelling part of the music. All tracks has a deep psychedelic note, banging beats and breaking 

the rules to push the listender straight forward. We hope that you will enter this journey that has no restrictions 

and limitations and telling you the story how it all began. Special thanks to all artists for their awesome music, 

this release will certainly find its way into the heart of psychedelic music lovers and leave them thirsty for more.



01. Vimana Shastra & Lick N Flip - Shastra N Flip 

02. Cobana - Full Moon 

03. Synergic - The Sound Of Confusion 

04. Virtual Objects - Virtual Escape 

05. Spiritualis - Fish 'n' Trips

06. Contrix - Nobody Escapes

07. Kala - Desert Lamb (Synergic Remix)  

08. Shenanigan - I Like Candy 

09. Krachen - Electrical Impulses  

10. Shivalayam - Brainvibrations


Compilated by Torgen Eismann (Synergic) 


Mastering by Stryker Mastering


Cover Art by Giopsyart


Catalognumber: JNRCD001

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download Stores +  Physical Beatspace Release

Artist: Various Artists

Style: Psychedelic Trance

Tracks: 10