Future Evolution Vol. 1 (Compilation)


Future Evolution is the next step from Jucy Noisy Records. This compilation featuring 9 massive progressive trance tracks.

Humanity exist for a long time. Nevertheless, we are impacting our world. Global warming raises sea levels. The ozone layer weakens. Our world gets stranger day by day. Its time for humanity to awaken and see their potential to evolve into a new species. The question is will humanity survive or extinguish itself by climate change, nuclear war, disease, or the posing threat of nanotechnology as terrorist weapons. With this release we wanna spread a positive vibe and let the music speak louder than words. Crispy rhytmic patterns, drifting harmonies combined with this kick & bass combination, that we all felt in love with. This has to be something special, a new chapter in our lives.





01. Illegal Substances - Tradition Chapert II (Synergic Remix)

02. Deep Kontakt - A World Beyond (Original Mix)

03. Jeras - You And Me (Original Mix)

04. Mahanada - Last Hippie Dancing (Original Mix)

05. MIDImotion - S Tars (Original Mix)

06. Localeye - Cocaine Business (Original Mix)

07. EDI - Do Something (Original Mix)

08. Rematic - Illusion (Original Mix)

09. Cobana - The Other Psyde (Original Mix)



Compilated by Lars Hirsch (Krachen/Lightning Bugs)


Mastering by Johnny Brask Wishoff


Cover Art by Krachen Art Labs


Catalognumber: JNRCD002

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download Stores +  Physical Beatspace Release

Artist: Various Artists

Style: Progressive Trance

Tracks: 9