The Power of Music takes you to places you never were before, affects your thoughts without even realising,can lead you through different moods, stimulates the body and makes people cometogether. Music is powerfull.



1. Do Something (Original Mix)

2. The Path of Joy (Original Mix)

3. Trancitional (Original Mix)

4. Conquest (Original Mix)

5. Absent (Original Mix)

6. Lost in Reality (Original Mix)

7. Acid Dreams (Original Mix)

8. Jeras - Dreamland (EDI Remix)

EDI - The Power of Music LP


Catalognumber: JNRCD003

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Physical & Digital Download Stores

Audio: CD/WAV/MP3

Artist: EDI / Jeras

Style: Progressive Trance

Tracks: 8

Release: 15.10.2017


Another Dimension contains the Original Track + the lucky 4 Winner from the Remix Contest 2016/2017.



1. Original Mix

2. Jeras Remix

3. Vimana Shastra & Sixsense Remix

4. Yordle Remix

5. Nero Effecta Remix

EDI - Another Dimension EP


Catalognumber: JNR094-2017

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download Stores

Audio: MP3

Artist: EDI / Vimana Shastra / Sixsense / Jeras / Yordle / Nero Effecta

Style: Progressive Trance

Tracks: 5

Release: 28.04.2017


The second free EP by EDI from Austria. 3 Progressive Trance tracks from an Other World. 



1. Deep Space (Original Mix)

2. & Larix - Sungazing (Original Mix)

3. Other World (Original Mix)

EDI - Other World EP


Catalognumber: JNR064-2016

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download Free

Audio: MP3

Artist: EDI / Larix

Style: Progressive Psytrance

Tracks: 3

Release: 21.03.2016


EDI with his first EP called "Life EP". His tribute at Juicy Noise Records was on the VA - New Life Vol. 2 with 2 awesome tracks. Now he presents us his first EP.



1. Life Before Death (Original Mix)

2. Astral Trails (Original Mix)

EDI - Life EP


Catalognumber: JNR044-2015

Label: Juicy Noise Records

Format: Digital Download

Audio: MP3

Artist: EDI

Style: Progressive Psytrance

Tracks: 2


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