Guilherme Albuquerque is the name behind the Ultron project. In contact with music since childhood, started playing at age 12, became interested in the hardcore and punk rock bass playing, and during eight years joined several local rock bands in town (Underneath, Supreme Truth, Driveout and Psicomancia). During that time, he was always interested in music production and in 2012 had his first direct contact with the Psytrance, becoming interested immediately by style, and for a year and started practicing back their productions to the trance. Already had two projects during the years 2013 and 2014, Dead Machine (Fullon) and Punkadelic (Progressive Trance) coming to play in several high-profile local festivals, alongside several national and international attractions, Vermont , 4i20 , Thales Dumbra , Mental Control , Frenetic , Rosaventura , Earthspace , Soundfanatic , Indra and Pop Art . Ultron undergoes a more serious and grim line in its tracks, without leaving aside the groove and heavy bass lines and aggressive.

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