My name is Daniel and im a 23 years old Producer from Zurich, Switzerland. When I was younger I was enjoying listening to different kinds of music but I remember Trance being the one I kept listening to since I got my first CD, in 2003. When I turned 18, a friend introduced me to DJ’ing and producing. I've started DJ’ing as a Hobby and delved into Progressive House Music. At the beginning I was using a basic pc controller but soon I moved on to pioneer cdjs. For weeks I've had improved my understanding of mixing tracks. I was enjoying the ability to create mashups and alter tracks. But there was always something missing... In 2014 a friend of mine took me to my first goa party and I discovered Progressive Trance and Psytrance. I finally found that special something I was searching for. To me there is no other Music more powerful and Energetic. It connects People, it alters your emotions, guides you trough unforgettable memories. In 2016 I began producing this genre of music. Im still on a learning curve, laying out my ideas. But I hope my music fills you with joy and makes you dance.

For Production i currently use FL Studio 11 and for mixing i use a DJM2000NXS and 2x CDJ 2000 NXS.

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