LICK N FLIP is the Progressive Psytrance project from Vicente Barillari, who has different musical projects in different musical styles. Like Freesbe Chaos Experience, Juvisun & Bolo Brains. He is a musician, drummer, producer, Audio Engineer, Dj and a musicology student. He works & founded (with friends) the Jitterbug Sunset Studio & the Label Younification Records. With Live performances in Parties & Festivals (Alien Meeting, All Muzing Experience, High Times ..) on Austria, Brasil, Germany & Holland . The Live Show is very dynamic & full of energy, especially because of the Live Instruments are played in, like Drums, Percussions, Synths & Guitar. He also organizes with friends the Party Jitterbug Experience. Music is a universal language. It´s communication & feelings! It is Life!! It brings the people toghether & set them Free. Art & creativity are wonderfull habilities from the human beings. Make Art, Love and not war. We are the new generation, living and making a new reality every day. A reality that was utopie otherdays, is now becoming real. We can be what we wanna be, we wanna be free. Respect the nature & share. Be the change you want to see in the World!!!

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