Lukas Stech A.k.a Deep Kontakt. Is a 22 years old Progressive Trance producer from Puerto Varas, Chile. Actually residing in Berlin,Germany.All started at the age of 14, with a cracked Fruity Loops Studio 7, some kicks, hi-hats, snares, samples and cheap speakers. Inspired by the pure style of "A tribe called quest" and the 90's jazz-hip hop scene, he founded his Beatmaker project and learned what a VST was. From dusk till dawn he didn't move from his spot at computer. The world of music was just exciting and amazing. At the age of 19 he moved to Berlin.One day, tired of sitting at home he decided to go out and take a walk alone, he didn't know that that night would change the world as he knew it. He landed in the club RAW, there was a music that caught his attention at all.The music was coming through his ears and traveling through his entirely body, he didn't heard it before, but this pumping sound was making goosebumps.It was the progressive offbeat trance sound of Audiomatic. It was just love at first sight with this music. From that moment was all clear... he knew what he had to do the next day at home. He instantly increased the BPMs of his DAW, and started to do what he mostly loves, but this time there was no hip hop beat, no samples... there was Synthesizers, there was galactic atmospheres, there was Progressive Trance.high.

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