"Awaken" is a progressive project made by Oscar Winkler, also known as winzo. The artist is 20 years old, and is quite new in the production scene, as he only has  been producing for 2 years. Oscar has always been dedicated to the music world, starting off with playing the drums, guitar & piano, then started later in his life started to roduce electronic music under the name winzo.  He quickly got inspired from the trance scene from the different events that he went to, and the the inspiration turned into the side project called "Awaken". What you can expect from Awaken's music compared to winzo's music, is more underground, and psychedelic. The music from Awaken, is characterized by dirty basslines, melodic breakdowns, and you'll tend to see creative vocal work in his tracks. Awaken's inspiration comes from top artists like Neelix, Fabio & Moon, Interactive noise, but his goal is to be as unique as possible. We hope you will enjoy his music, because he will definitely enjoy having a blast with you behind the decks!

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