Mastering: Stian Renè Pedersen



Send your tracks as 24 bit wav format to


Only -5 or 6 Decibel on the master bus and no limiter on it.


>>NOTE<< : NO dithering when you send us track/s for mastering.


Send us as:

Artistname - Track Title - (Original or  Remix) - BPM - Key Note



Label-Artists: Free


Other Artists:

1 - 5 Tracks: each Track 9 Euro

6 - 10 Track: each Track 6 Euro

over 10 Tracks: each Track 5 Euro


Payment: PayPal


More Info over



If already mastered,noticed that we need it as:


- 2 chanell Stereo

- PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)

- Constant Bitrate

- Samplingfrequency: 44.1 kHz

- 16 Bit per Sample


Cover Design: Lars Hirsch / Tamara Mesker


Send your order , with some Infomation like EP-Name,some Ideas etc. to or



Costs: Write a mail and ask us.


Payment: PayPal or Bank transfer


More Info over

Lars Hirsch -     or 

Tamara Mesker -



If you already have a Cover, so we need that in:

- minimum 3500x3500 pixels

- maximum 4000x4000 pixels

- not blurry

- not a background from google search

- not the word "EP" on it! Only the Ep-Name

- no copyright pictures from the internet